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The T-ZONE BTS – HEADS UP My work:Filming behind-the-scenes footage on location.Sourcing music, creating graphics, editing versions for YouTube and Instagram. View on Instagram here.[...]


Genuinely The Best Lash Serum Out There (IMO)

So first off, I'd like to mention that -- unsolicited -- I have had the length of my lashes commented on 4 separate times in the past week alone. "Are those your real lashes??" being the common question. No lie -- this lash serum, though they don't explicitly claim to it -- has resulted in the longest lashes I have ever had, with virtually no effort (or side effects in my experience).


If Not Now, When?

Ok, so, no bullshit. This year has been hectic. And I haven't written for any sort of publication in what must be years -- and I miss it. So with a desire to A. Keep track of myself a little more (I used to use Instagram for this, but have posted a grand total of three posts this year on there, so clearly that isn't working) and B. Refresh my writing skills, I have re-launched this little corner of the internet for myself -- and you, whoever is reading this. Now as you know, this year has been wildly exciting /s. So am I worried about what the hell con[...]