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I May Have Found the Most 2020 Outfit of All Time

Ok, this year has been a total nightmare for everyone. But I did manage to find humour in the madness, mainly in the form of a do-I-laugh-or-cry t-shirt with the words “Going Places” adhered to the front.

I bought the xs, and the shirt fits pretty large/oversize. Tbh I’d consider this more of a small/medium tee, but alas, the xs is as small as they come.

So what to pair with the most painfully ironic tshirt for 2020? Some high waisted shorts, also from Ban.do. And in a more positive twist — they come with pockets. Rejoice! One item of women’s clothing actually made with practicality in mind.

I grabbed a size small in these bad boys as I tend to lean into large glute territory (that’s a fancy way of saying I have a relatively large butt to body ratio), and these also fit oversize! So if you think you’re around my size or considering the xs, I’d say go for it. I sort of wish I did (though the small fit pretty comfortably).

So there you have it. The laziest most on brand outfit of 2020. Because, is anyone even getting properly dressed anymore?