If Not Now, When?

Ok, so, no bullshit. This year has been hectic. And I haven’t written for any sort of publication in what must be years — and I miss it. So with a desire to A. Keep track of myself a little more (I used to use Instagram for this, but have posted a grand total of three posts this year on there, so clearly that isn’t working) and B. Refresh my writing skills, I have re-launched this little corner of the internet for myself — and you, whoever is reading this.

Now as you know, this year has been wildly exciting /s.

So am I worried about what the hell content could possibly be even slightly interesting given the fact that I basically haven’t left my house in 9 months? Honestly, who knows. A little, maybe. But I do know looking back on nearly an entire year and feeling like I’ve essentially been in a coma for most of it, with no discernible points of interest or excitement is even more daunting than throwing some semi-coherent rambling onto this space I’ve carved out for myself. How’s that for a long-winded peek into my brain?

My one (very safe and very isolated) outing this year.

Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I’m doing this for me. Because if I don’t start writing shit down, as mundane and seemingly pointless as it all might be, I am going to probably feel like 2020 has swallowed me whole and I’m not about to give up that easy.

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