Hey, Remember New Years Resolutions?

Me either.

Just kidding! Remember when I wrote down 15 goals I had for myself this year? I wanted to catch up with you guys to see where I’m at. More importantly where are YOU at? Did you make yourself any personal goals last year? Did you ditch them two weeks in, or are you still killin’ it and really making some positive changes?


1. Read at least 2 chapters of a book every week. 

Ok. So this started off pretty promising, I DID read a ton of books at the beginning of the year. I’ve been pretty awful lately. Mostly due to marathoning a bunch of shows on Netflix. Or writing a buncha new articles for xovain, so at least I’ve been semi productive, amirite?

2. Write thank you cards to those that help me.

Shit, guys. I mean,I’m pretty good for emailing back quickly but most of the people who help me aren’t even in this country. I really should just hunker down and write a bunch of these out though. Random thank you cards aren’t weird, right?

3. Research careers I think I’d like to explore.

I went on a book buying SPREE about everything, advertising, typography, marketing.. hell, I even bought a book on writing! Turns out though, my heart is being hands on and creative, so I think I’m on the right track. I know I love film and production, and I’ve been working on creating a reel to really get myself out there. While I’m on it, I discovered this rad app called Meetup and am already planning on attending some badass looking networking events!

4. Create a SMART goal based on this career research.

Ehh.. Sort of slacking on this one. I mean, there are A LOT of things involved in the process right now. A ton of hurdles. But at least now I have a more clear idea of where I’m going, and more importantly where I don’t want to be. I’m not moving as fast as I’d like, but I’m moving, dammit.

5. Pay off at least 60% of my debt by the end of the year.

Guys I really have no damn clue if I’m even close to this but I CAN tell you that I’ve been paying all my bills on time so I’m at least doing something. Yes, that includes all my loan payments. Hollaaaaa

6. Write an article a week for this blog, even if it’s simple and short!

Does an article a week in general count? Because I’ve been steppin’ up my game at xo.

7. Buy new glasses and actually wear them. 

Uhh.. working on this one. Broke AF means I need a new prescription let alone a new pair of frames.

8. Go to the gym at least twice a week. 

Yeah, I have not been doing this one. At. All.

9. Buy new cozy pillows and sheets.

I bought a couch? See #7.

10. Get a new tattoo. 

SWEET BABY JEEBUS I NEED TO DO THIS. Real talk. I’m going crazy over here.

11. Work on some side projects with creative people that inspire me. 

YES. I’ve been doing this. More planning than doing, but shit guys, it’s happening.

12. Go on a vacation somewhere warm.

I get to go to LA in October for a conference about video marketing! BETTER THAN A VACATION IF YOU ASK ME.

13. Subscribe to magazines that help me grow into who I want to be (I’m talking Advertising Age, Adweek, Inc, Fast Company).

Yeah gurl, I did it. Also Max gave me a subscription to Next Issue for a year so you better believe I have been reading so many more things on that! SUP NEW YORKER.

14. Pack my lunch everyday (and something healthy) for work.

LOL. No. I’m lucky if I even have groceries.

15. Opt for tea more than coffee, sans sugars. 

I was going good for a while there. I really need to buy a milk steamer for the office so I can have my damn almond milk matcha lattes.


So how are you doing? LEMME KNOW!


Toronto’s Veronica Saye Makes Speed Rack Finals!

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 6.45.00 PM

So if you guys follow me on social media, you might recall me going on about a video I got to edit for a friend of mine. That friend is the lovely Veronica Saye, who kicks ass bartending at Food & Liquor here in Toronto.


I’m happy to say that she’s been accepted to participate in Speed Rack Canada Finals this May!

Speed Rack is a super intense bartending competition where selected women from across the country race against time to create a variety of cocktails. These concoctions are judged by experts and all proceeds go to breast cancer education, prevention and research.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 6.45.17 PM

If you’re in BC and want to check out an amazing event for an awesome cause, here’s the info:

Speed Rack Canada Finals at EAT! Vancouver at BC Place

When: Saturday, May 2, 2015 (1 to 5 p.m.)
Where: Banquet Ballroom of BC Place, 777 Pacific Boulevard, Downtown
Cost: $25 + tax in advance, $30 at the door. Event ticket includes complimentary ticket to EAT! Vancouver on Saturday, May 2 (10 a.m. to 9 p.m.)
Website: www.speed-rack.com

10 Reasons Toronto’s Condoland Kinda Sucks and 10 It Really Doesn’t

10 Reasons It Deserves The Hate:


  1. Your choice for reasonably priced internet is signed away. Condos usually make you sign up for overpriced internet from one specific company (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BELL) because they have a deal with them.
  1. Rent is insanely expensive. This goes without saying. Don’t expect to be paying less than a grand if you want an actual bedroom. And that’s with a roommate. Who even lives alone in a condo and DOESN’T have it completely footed by their parents? Not anyone I know.
  1. There’s a lot of dumb rich kids you have to be around. They like being loud and obnoxious in the elevators and leaving booze bottles in the foyer/reception area. You’ll be able to smell them, and I mean this literally. They wear a lot of gross cologne/perfume. As someone who has to bust her ass to be able to even live somewhere like this, it kills me to see kids who don’t even respect a place they’re lucky enough to live in.
  1. There is no such thing as a cheap place to eat. When I lived in Chinatown or Parkdale there was always a cute little cafe or bar to go hangout in that wasn’t 12 bucks a drink. There was character, and honestly, there were more vegan/veggie options. Condoland is like the epitome of an overpriced, jacked up steakhouse.
  1. Chances are you’re probably right next to a construction site. It’s like a never ending parade of construction in Toronto. That awesome wall of windows is probably looking straight into the pit of a new condo. Hope you don’t like sleeping past 7am.
  1. The amenities you pay for aren’t really accessible. Oh cool a party room! Wait, what do you mean you need an 800 dollar deposit on top of $150 an hour that I don’t get back for using it??chairs-home-meeting-4428
  1. Hope you like all white! You can’t paint your room. Any of them.
  1. A few grand on rent every month still doesn’t cover drunk idiots. Even tho you might be barely getting by with all the money you drop to live somewhere clean, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna be able to avoid drunk idiots screaming outside all hours of the night. And for some reason sound REALLY carries sometimes. How? THIS IS A CEMENT BOX. WHY CAN I STILL HEAR YOU.
  1. Dog shit. EVERYWHERE. For some reason condo owners are notorious for not being bothered to pick up the deuce they let their yappy little rat dog drop in the middle of the sidewalk. Money doesn’t buy class, folks.
  1. What do you MEAN nobody lives there? It’s sort of infuriating when you see the worlds nicest condo fully furnished but left empty 90% of the year because its some businessman’s investment. Being aware of the fact that you’re busting your ass to help line some rich dudes pocket every time you fork over that insane amount of rent every month is nothing short of infuriating.


Why It’s Kind Of Awesome:

  1. Less sketchy neighbours. I don’t have to be afraid walking home at night because people that can afford to live in these overpriced shoe boxes generally don’t do heroin on the regular. Sorry, Parkdale. Also, dogs everywhere all the time is super comforting in case something DOES happen.
  1. It’s far cleaner than pretty much everywhere else you could live in the downtown core. Except Yorkville. Because, duh. Rich people.
  1. Having a concierge is kind of awesome. If you’re not really into homeless people having knife fights on the sidewalk in broad daylight, or junkies having sex and doing drugs on your porch (thanks for THAT experience, Chinatown) condos are the place for you. It’s super comforting knowing there’s an extra boundary between you and any creep who wants to follow you home. Sometimes the feeling of safety is just worth it.
  1. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a gym. Great news for the lazy. I mean, you don’t really have an excuse not to go. It’s literally an elevator ride and you can shower afterward in the comfort of your own home.
  1. Every necessity is in walking distance. You generally have a health food store and a nice grocery store less than 10 minutes away. And if you buy too many groceries, its like 3 bucks to Uber home. I can tell you, I do not miss the sketchy grocery stores of my past, even if Sobeys/Metro are more expensive.
  1. UBERS EVERYWHERE. All the time. These have saved my ass from being late on many occasions. Plus the drivers aren’t gross and mean like every Beck taxi I’ve ever had.animal-black-and-white-bulldog-316
  1. Cute dogs. All the time. What is it with condo owners and having dogs? You never see that shit with people who have actual houses down here. Regardless, it makes my damn day when I get to see a cute dog. In Condoland, there are A LOT of them.
  1. Totally worth it if you don’t want mould poisoning. For asthmatics like me, condos are invaluable in how much better you can breathe. Toronto has a ton of worn down old houses, and I’ve had my own experiences with (shoddily done) renovated apartments that left me with mould poisoning. Sometimes you just have to fork over the money to be able to breathe.
  1. BATHTUBS. You’re pretty much guaranteed a giant tub if you move into a condo. As someone obsessed with baths, this is significantly awesome.
  1. No mice. No weird creepy centipedes, etc. As much as people try to make fun of condos being all white and sterile, it does wonders for a person like me. I’m a true city dweller, absolutely terrified and grossed out by bugs — even the tiny ones. Going from living in broken down roach infested apartments, a condo is a dream.

Spring Means New Plants and Super Cute Bath Bombs

Today was the first day I could walk outside without a winter coat. Granted, I was wearing two sweaters and an army jacket, but I couldn’t be happier about it. I stomped my way around the streets of Toronto for the first time since October which is both sad (whatever guys, I don’t leave the house in winter) and awesome.

To mark the occasion, I purchased a big leafy green plant I’ve dreamed about for my room. I know it probably sounds lame, but I can’t stop looking at it. There’s something about bright green plants that just makes everything so much better. To top it all off, Max decided to return home with a bag full of Lush bath bombs and melts.


DSC_0010If I could choose only one springtime bath product from Lush, it would be these. This little bushel of carrots amount to up to 6 bubble baths! Not bad at all!

DSC_0006Left to Right, clockwise: Bubblegrub Bubbleroon, The Immaculate Eggception bath bomb, Hoppity Poppity bath bomb and Bunch of Carrots bubble bar.

Bubblegrub Bubbleroon Bubble Bar: How cute is this little guy? I mean, vanilla pod antennae? SO CUTE. This guy creates some seriously fluffy bubbles with rich vanilla fragrance and sandalwood notes. Shea butter creates a soft soak for your achy limbs. Includes Vetivert oil which is supposed to be tranquil and earthy.

The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb: Ok so here’s the thing. This guy is HUGE. And for good reason! You get 3 baths out of this giant egg. All you have to do is crack it on it’s seam. Light and fruity this bath bomb made my bathwater a lovely hot pink shade.

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb: Suuuuuper relaxing to soak in. This bath bomb takes the shape of an adorable little rabbit head, with notes of violet, lime and lavender. Violet Leaf Absolute is the showstopping fragrance, adding a fresh, green scent to the mix.

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar: The most clever combination of packaging and product I have seen in a long time. This bubble bar is both adorable and long lasting. Just break the carrot in half and run that bit under the water – if you’re impatient just crush it up in your hands. These carrots are truly compact so I found it pretty difficult to crumble with my hands. Regardless, these are a total winner in my books. Light lemon-bergamot fragrances dance around your tub in a shocking amount of bubbles for how little product you use. These little guys feature Buchu Oil, adding both an earthy scent and anti-inflammatory properties. Not bad!

So what are you guys doing now as the weather (slowly) warms up? Plant buying?

Are you a winter hermit too?


iS Clinical Is Saving My Winter Skin

With my skin damaged from a Retinol treatment and another polar winter just around the corner, I knew I had to get my winter routine locked down. I needed to repair chemical burns and settle into winter with some products I knew would prevent this from happening again. Thanks to some summer research involving various ways to incorporate SPF into my daily routine, I knew exactly who to look to for products I could rely on. Summer introduced me to Innovative Skincare’s Extreme Protect SPF 30, a sunscreen capable of protecting my skin on a whole new level. The product is the result of researchers sent far and wide to extract the very enzymes that protect organisms from the most extreme conditions (think the hottest, driest deserts and the coldest, harshest arctics). They’ve incorporated these enzymes into their products, offering skin protection on a DNA level.

The past year I’ve had some pretty bad skin, and cystic acne that decided to break out all over my chin for the first time in my life. While using these products I noticed that I didn’t get a single pimple, or flaky dry skin from windburn. BUT if you want results, you need to be consistent. I forgot to bring my iS Clinical products to my boyfriend’s apartment a few weekends ago and woke up to some breakouts the very next day. Luckily, I have some photos to show just how amazing these products are at healing those forgetful days!

It’s been about 3 months of consistently using the Cleansing Complex, applying a few drops of the Active Serum, followed by tapping on some Reparative Moisturizer and it’s significantly improved my complexion. My skin is brighter, more even, and supple to the touch. I’m comfortable wearing far less makeup now, and my skin is thanking me for it!


Left to Right: Before and after. On the right I’m wearing no makeup AT ALL. The left I am wearing heaps trying to conceal my flaking skin. And trust me, as bad as the left looks, IT WAS WORSE.

To show you guys just how fast this stuff works, here’s the results of my routine after a week. You can see just how fast my breakout healed.


1 week between the left photo and the right.

The Goods:

DSC_0154Left to Right: Active Serum, Reparative Moisturizer, Cleansing Complex, and Sheald Recovery Balm.

DSC_0162iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.
This clear gel lasts forever (the entire bottle will probably last me upwards of 4 months), foams up nicely and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or too clean. I just put a dime size amount of the product on the brush of my Clarisonic and cleanse my face every morning and night! Where to get it!

Packaging: Ok, I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I LOVE this blue, the package design is so scientific and clean looking I feel like I’m really doing something significant for my skin. If that isn’t good product design, what is?!

DSC_0163iS Clinical SHEALD Recovery Balm
This is hands down the best healing balm I’ve ever put on my face. I’m the person picking at their face when they really shouldn’t be, then applying polysporin (which actually doesn’t work nearly as well as this!). It took one night of a nice layer of this on my face to realize there are some things you just need to leave to the professionals. You can view a study on it here and learn even more on the iS Clinical site!

Packaging: Twist off cap, sturdy plastic tube. Very easy to toss in my bag and carry around during the day in case of emergencies.

DSC_0166iS Clinical Serum
I’ll be honest, when I applied the first few droplets to my face I was surprised by the consistency. Clear and very fluid I found this serum to be quite a shock to my skin initially. I think it could be that it has alcohol in it, which I usually avoid at all costs, but other than a slight tingling upon application I didn’t have any other reaction to it. I find it doesn’t tingle at all now, it just feels cool for a bit after application. Where to get it!

Packaging: I’ve had a few scares as this bottle is glass, so the moral of the story with this lovely product is BE CAREFUL. It’s beautifully designed otherwise!

DSC_0174iS Clinical Reparative Moisturizer
I’m in love. Honestly, this is my new favourite moisturizer. It does take a few pumps to cover my whole face and neck — but it also soaks in quickly, leaves no greasy residue and has left me with skin that hasn’t flaked ONCE from dry skin this winter. Fun stuff: This is one of the first products ever to feature the Extremozyme protection iS Skincare is known for! I’m going to be devastated when it runs out. You can find it here!

Packaging: The pump and cap make it super easy to transport in your purse or overnight bag too! It’s made of a sturdy plastic outer casing that makes transport a bit less stressful.

I think it’s safe to say iS Clinical works. My breakouts are virtually non existant now. And the mild acne I do feel coming in never fully develops and instead heals before anything happens! I probably have the clearest skin I’ve had in years thanks to these products and I don’t overdo it like I did with the prescription retinol treatment (yikes).

Have you tried iS Clinical? Do you have any retinol horror stories?

Zara Jackets Help Me Dream of Spring 2015

Winter is here, and has been here, for nearly 6 months. With just over 4 more months left to drudge through the slush and sharp air, I think back to universally unpleasant experiences. I mean, there has to be something worse than nearly 10 months of freezing air, right?

– Sticky hot air in an overpacked streetcar during summer, ripe with B.O and no air conditioning.

– Any form of transport with a screaming child on board.

– Having your wallet stolen.

I skim over these in my mind, and have only one conclusion: Winter is definitely the worst.

This year in protest (or defeat) I have practically sworn off any article of clothing that is not both comfortable and obscenely warm. It is not unusual for me to wear a heavy rotation of oversized sweaters — under which I generously layer my boyfriends t-shirts. It seems this year that leggings are not just an option for me, but a staple. Every day I’m forced to go outside (and trust me, I don’t — unless I absolutely have to) I wrap my thick Zara scarf around my neck, tie my Sorels on as tight as I can, and hope my glasses don’t fog up too much while I try to navigate the uneven sidewalks of Toronto.  On especially cold days I resemble something of a penguin, waddling angrily through the snow in cumbersome layers. I don’t even care if anything “goes” anymore. Thanks winter, you’ve officially won this round.

To battle this case of the winter blues, I’ve been window shopping from the comfort of my bed. I’ve decided if I’m going to hermit in gloriously unfashionable clothing I might as well plan. When this city decides to thaw (a girl can dream!) I’ll be ready. I’m dreaming up my spring aesthetic and I can promise you this: It’ll be far more pleasing to the eye than my mismatched toque and mittens — but just as cozy.

Zara Fur Collar Jacket, $99.90
5070258800_2_3_1 5070258800_2_5_1
Zara Overcoat with Faux Leather Sleeves, $129
Zara Mixed Fabric Jacket, $99.90
Zara Jacquard Jacket with Fringed Hem, $79.90
3090002070_6_1_11-1024x640 3090002070_2_6_1

All images Via

So what’s going to be your spring aesthetic?


An Ode To The Chelsea Boot

I remember when I first really noticed the Chelsea boot. I was on a relatively empty subway car, looking down at the ground, avoiding any awkward eye contact. I was bored, disinterested in my surroundings and anxious to get to my stop. I noticed a pair of sturdy brown boots. They belonged to a smart looking old man. On his head sat a newspaper boy hat and he seemed to be studying something further than the walls of the train: he was lost in thought. I wondered where he was going, what crazy stories and hard earned advice he had collected. I started to wonder who he was and why he had chosen such a distinct style of shoe. Something about those boots made me think there was a story behind him, and inadvertently a story behind them.

The chelsea boot is far older than I expected. The first thing you probably associate with the chelsea boots is the beatles — or the mods of the 60s. For this you’d be correct — almost.

Chelsea boots go so far back, they prelude the Beatles by nearly 100 years. The boot was the first of its kind to be slipped on and off thanks to it’s elasticized sides. And this was when elastic was JUST invented, so take that in for a second. Even more surprising? Queen Victoria (yes, THE Queen Victoria) wore them all the time in the 1850’s. Something else that happened in the 1850’s? A woman was arrested for wearing pants. So take that in for a second.

Though the man on the subway wore more traditional version (round toe, flat soled) the beatles made a specific variation of them huge in the 60s. They were known as the “beetle boot” or “baba boots” and were supported by a more western, heeled sole.

But it wasn’t just the beetles and the mods who traipsed about in these boots. The Rolling Stones wore them too. Even Storm Troopers wore them in all 3 of the original Star Wars films (they were just painted white). I guess that’s one thing all the “beatles or stones” squabblers are going to have to accept — both of their idols wore the exact same boots.

I looked long and hard while I was in NYC this christmas to find a pair of pointed toe chelsea boots to call my own, but I just couldn’t seem to find a pair that really suited me — for under 500 dollars that is. So I’ve created a list for you, low to high of some chelsea boots that kick some ass.

Matisse Meyer Suede Boot, $213



Seychelles Solitude Bootie, $185



ASOS Race Against Time Chelsea Boot, $106

ASOS Roar Chelsea Boot, $47



(My dream boots) Yves Saint Laurent Chelsea Boot, $1,025



So what do you guys think of chelsea boots? Do you own a pair?

So how long does opened wine actually last?

As a 25 year old female I have developed an affinity for wine — shocking, right?

I feel safe with wine. I consume it slowly, appreciate it’s different aromas and flavours – it doesn’t push me. I don’t sip it so easily between words like a glass of gin and tonic. I take my time. There’s a certain ritual. Cozying up among friends, fingers tracing the rim of each glass during our bouts of conversation. It’s friendly, it’s relaxed and it has real character. A bottle of wine will really bring a room together.

I know I’m not the only girl around here who loves wine, so I’ll be writing a some articles with the answers to common questions about wine: How long does a bottle keep? How do I hold a wine glass? Does the wine glass shape really matter? What does a decanter or wine aerator actually do?


So for my first question — how long does wine keep? 

Everyone seems to have a different opinion. One that no one seems to agree on. My roommate told me more than a week, but my nose said otherwise.

The real “number” comes down to a few words: it depends.

Key factors to consider: Type of wine, quality of wine and the exposure to air.

So what doesn’t last very long? Pinot Noir, and Gamay.

You can rely on your trusty bottle of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah though. These wines actually become better with some exposure to air, so the oxidation process is less harmful. They taste better — for longer — after opening.

So how can you keep your wine “good” — longer?

Really what you need to do is avoid letting your wine come in contact with air. That means when you leave that opened bottle of wine on the counter or tabletop, you’re doing more harm than good. Sure, you’re supposed to let the wine air out (more on this later) but you need to decide when it’s time to bottle and store it. And that place isn’t on the counter, even if it’s red. (I KNOW.)

I read a tip that suggested keeping small bottles around (like those from icewine) to pour your remaining wine in — it helps limit the exposure to oxygen. Less air in the bottle means less air in your wine. It’s not as pretty as leaving your corked wine on the counter but it does mean better wine for longer! You’ll thank me later… Probably with a glass of wine that doesn’t taste like vinegar.

All wine becomes vinegar eventually. All of it. How does this happen? Oxidation. The longer your wine is exposed to air the faster this happens. Slow that process down by sticking your opened wine in the fridge (red or white) standing up! NOT sideways like I have in the past. More of your wine is exposed to the air in the bottle that way, making the oxidation process happen even faster. 

The official timeframe?

In my research I’d say your safest bet is 3 – 4 days. Once it starts smelling a bit off or tastes vinegary — dump it. But that could be day 4 for you, or day 7. It all comes down to what you prefer.


Regardless, everyone seems to agree on this one rule: If it tastes good to you, drink it!

15 Resolutions for 2015

2014 was an awful year for me. I felt completely stalled by the end of it. To avoid this feeling in 2015, I’ve decided to write down some tangible goals that are not only realistic but will help me grow into who I want to be. Have at it!

1. Read at least 2 chapters of a book every week. (But probably every night).

2. Write thank you cards to those that help me. I’ve always wanted to do this but felt like a total creep — but you know what? It’s going to allow me to tell someone how much I really do appreciate their time. Who wouldn’t want one of these:


3. Research careers I think I’d like to explore. I’m on this kick where I need to think about where I want to be in a few years and how I’m going to get there. As far as I can tell, advertising is the way to go. Agencies have got their shit right and I’d love to see myself grow into an art director or something of the like. I think this career path combines everything I love in video production, graphic design, typography, copywriting, branding – the list goes on. I swear every book I pick up has been geared towards this lately — creative writing, copywriting, advertising… I’m insatiable.

4. Create a SMART goal based on this career research. If there’s anything I’m good at it’s being impatient for results — if I break it down I’ll feel a little better about the process.

5. Pay off at least 60% of my debt by the end of the year. It’s been hell becoming ‘responsible’ and catching up on all my loan payments, but hot damn will life ever be better when I inch closer to that goal.

6. Write an article a week for this blog, even if it’s simple and short! Practise, practise, practise!

7. Buy new glasses and actually wear them. I’m talking totally out there, bold frames for the days I want to just go for it, you know?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.25.31 PM

8. Go to the gym at least twice a week. I mean, there’s a really nice one in my building. How can I not!?

9. Buy new cozy pillows and sheets. Is there anything better than cuddling up in a fluffy warm bed and watching a movie? I don’t think so.

10. Get a new tattoo. I haven’t gotten one in nearly a year and I’m absolutely dying for a new one. I can’t tell you the calm that comes with a new tattoo.

11. Work on some side projects with creative people that inspire me. I crave experience and I’m surrounded by talent in every industry. I’m going to make it a thing this year to reach out and work with some of the fascinating people I’ve met.

12. Go on a vacation somewhere warm. I’m 25. It’s time to see something other than the Atlantic in the dead of winter.


13. Subscribe to magazines that help me grow into who I want to be (I’m talking Advertising Age, Adweek, Inc, Fast Company).

14. Pack my lunch everyday (and something healthy) for work.

15. Opt for tea more than coffee, sans sugars. I need to get back into loose leaf tea. How did I forget how great simple green tea tastes!? To make coffee palatable for me I require exactly six teaspoons of the dangerous white stuff — which is six teaspoons too many for this sugar addict. (Ps. Have you seen Fed Up? You probably should).


What were your new years resolutions?


3 Ways to Wear Gold in Your Hair This Holiday


Hey guys! I have a new article up on xovain. In it I give you some quick ideas to make your holiday makeup extra awesome (I even have a DIY in there!). It also features my identical twin as my model, and some awesome products from MAC and Make Up Forever.

Here is one look – I teach you how to use gold leaf as a hair accessory! I promise it’s quick and super easy (for real, all you need is gold leaf and some hair wax).


Click here to read the article!

Thanks guys!