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A Totally Vegan, Gluten-Free Pasta Salad That Doesn’t Suck

Avocado and Sweet Pea Pasta Salad (Gluten free, vegan, added-sugar free) It’s barbeque season, and you’ve got some limitations on what you can and cannot munch on around the pool. The usual suspects just won’t cut it, and you can’t rely on your gracious hosts to cater to your dietary dilemma. This gorgeously green gluten […]

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3 Reasons You Need To Stop Cheaping Out And Invest In A Decent Pair Of Sunglasses

You’ve seen that totally eye opening video demonstrating how UV light shows skin damage you don’t even know about yet, right? Well, if not — catch up on your homework: Pretty scary, and that video is just focusing on the damage to your skin. What about your eyes?? Well I’ve got good news! There’s something you can do RIGHT […]

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How to Travel Alone in Europe and not be a Little Bitch About It

Contrary to dads and what feels like the majority of the population: you don’t have to fear traveling alone. In fact, you don’t even have to fear going to the movies alone but that’s another article. All you need is some planning and some common sense. Start by reading my 10 travel tips that helped […]

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The brand that carries 3 miracle products you NEED to know about

“Be gentle” is a hard word for me to understand. It’s why I’m petrified to hold a baby, why I prefer big dogs, and probably why I was a notorious biter as a child. As a person leaning on the opposite side of the gentle spectrum in life, I often meet moments of frustration with […]

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Have something to say?

Contribute to BTWSAM.com! Whether it be rants, stories about the city, your life, travels or your favourite stores and products. Would you like your product reviewed on BTWSAM.com? Have a story or subject you’d like me to write about? A question you’ve been dying to ask me? Contact me! All you have to do is […]

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City Girl vs The Wilderness

  So once a year I get to take a break from the city and head up to a friends gorgeous cottage for a weekend of hanging out, tanning, drinking and being able to laze about without having to worry about what time it is. This year I took my camera up and shot some […]

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My lovely french perfume is so elegant it brought it’s own scarf

I’ve been venturing into the world of fragrances recently, after a mini crisis dealing with the fact that I felt I’d outgrown my sickly sweet signature perfume. I’d gradually been distancing myself from it, switching to a version that incorporated apricot but it just wasn’t enough. I noticed that I’d almost run out of my […]

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Welcome back!

Hey guys! It’s been a minute! I want to welcome you back to a totally revamped space for you to explore my beauty finds, journal entries, interviews, style posts – everything! Make sure you’re following me on twitter & instagram [@btwsam] and let me know you read this site! I’ll be sure to follow you […]

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What’s in my bag? Beauty Essentials.

A peek into the products I have to have on hand at all times. When you’re a girl about town you know ANYTHING can happen, you need to be prepared for any situation. Like most, I carry a decent sized handbag that I can throw a pair of heels in if god forbid they break, […]

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When Perfume Becomes a Love Affair

So I finally got my hands on my favourite perfume. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille. It definitely cost a pretty penny ($110 before tax) but I don’t know how to describe how infatuated I am with it. There are a handful of things I don’t regret spending a decent amount of money on – one […]

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