Where Do You Go?

    Well, it’s 7 months into the year and I’ve gone MIA again.

    No exaggeration, I’ve travelled more in the past 7 months than I have nearly my entire life. From Vegas, to SXSW, to LA and then a 20 day stint travelling from Miami, to Romania, to Boston, to Colombia (yeah, that Colombia), it’s been a crazy few months. No lie, sometimes I keep thinking it’s May.

    But it’s August. And in less than a month I’m taking my first trip to Arizona, where I can be lazy and hopefully get around to filming some of these adventures for my neglected YouTube channel. Most of my travel has been for work, and after an entire day of carrying camera gear around I usually just want a glass of wine, some conversation, or to crash, instead of hopping in front of a camera (forgive me!).

    In other news, I’ve made the arduous decision to grow my platinum blonde out into some sort of an ombre (in an attempt to inject some life to my fried out hair). But I’m not getting rid of it all. I need to be able to dye my hair any damn shade of the rainbow at a moments notice. It keeps me sane. I still can’t drive. I’m in the nearly year long and incredibly painful process of getting a tattoo removed. (Don’t worry, I’m writing about it.) I discovered mushroom coffee. I finally replaced my burnt out tv. And now, I’m going to make a real damn effort to stay on top of the things I should really be investing in: writing and filming things that keep me occupied (in the best way). So I’ll see you soon, folks. Things should get a little more interesting around here.


    New Year, New Plans.

    Oh hey, how was your flippin’ winter break? I slept a lot and copped some sweet new books like The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. It was a grand old time.


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    I wanted to let you know that in the spirit of the new year (and in the spirit of just trying to get my general sh*t together), I’ve decided to make an effort to start uploading videos to YouTube. Also hot damn, if you ever wondered how many times you say “like” or roll your eyes while talking, go sit down and record yourself. And if you can sit through me doing just that, do me a solid and have a look at my newest video about my eye surgery. I’ve also started working out on the regular because I’ve been lazier than a damn sloth and it’s starting to show.

    I’m also finally taking my damn driving test next week at the ripe old age of 27. So, uh, cross your fingers on that one for me. Nothing like spending your entire life in the most densely populated city in the country and then realizing you want to be able to move somewhere else. Somewhere else being California, a place that requires the ability to get from A to B without an Uber or a streetcar. Woof.

    Anywho. I’m going to Vegas in a few weeks and will definitely be making a video out of that little adventure.

    Stay tuned.


    Woah, There I Am.

    So I guess I should address the fact that I haven’t posted to this blog in nearly a year.

    Just a heads up, for anything you’ve been missing: I started writing a bit more frequently for XOvain, wrote a few articles for Fashion Magazine and had my first article in print come out this year in the pages of Glow magazine.

    I had a ton of terrible things happen to me this year (one specifically), but I chose to focus on what I could change for the better and a few of those things have allowed me to 1. Go on an actual vacation. 2. Fix my credit. 3. Get corrective eye surgery. 4. Learn to drive. 5. Save some goddamn money for once in my life. So, uh, there’s that.

    I’m starting up a Youtube Channel after leaving that thing dormant for a few years. Still not sure what exactly I’ll start posting on the regular, but whatever, I’ve got to start somewhere or I really am never going to get around to doing it. If you use youtube, and wanna do me a solid, subscribe or something.

    It’s 12:39am on a Tuesday and I can’t sleep so I’m drinking wine and listening to the soothing yelling of Ol’ Billy Boy Bill Burr.

    Honestly, it’s not that bad.

    (Regardless, here’s to hoping your night is going a little better.)


    It’s All About Perspective

    Guys, sometimes a full time job and moving twice in two months can shake things up a bit.

    No, I’m not fully unpacked.

    The past few months have been a whirlwind of things, feelings and events. Realizations, cross country plane rides, and a fear that has latched on and sunk it’s teeth right into me.

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    Elimination Diet Update

    So remember when I realized something seriously messed up was happening to my stomach?

    Well here’s the deal.

    I went through that god awful diet, I even bought the damn $20 butter (actually not necessary apparently), and you know what I realized? It’s totally dairy. Glorious, tasty dairy.

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    I’m Doing An Elimination Diet Because Blood Tests Are Too Damn Expensive

    I know. I hate the word diet too.

    But first I should probably clarify what exactly this “diet” is going to do for me. Probably a lot, actually. Considering how tired I am of constantly having painful reactions to foods and never knowing what EXACTLY the culprit is. Just today I had something totally vegan and I’m still painfully bloated, like wtf right? IS NOTHING SAFE?

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    Pack Up, And Get Out

    Moving is stressful.

    But being stuck in one place is worse.

    Packing up all my stuff, storing it, living out of a bag (quite literally) until I sort out my life is something I should probably be used to. I don’t think I’ve stayed in one apartment for more than 2 years at a time, and even then, two years was a stretch. Packing everything I need for a few weeks in a bag, in a matter of minutes, is second nature to me. So why isn’t living out of one?

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    Woah, That Was Weird.

    I ended up in the hospital last week.

    I know, practically right after declaring my desire to be healthier, I ended up with an IV stuck in my arm, a weeks worth of anti nausea meds and a weekend of struggling to keep down food.

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