Where I’ve been!

Hey guys! I know it’s been quite some time since I posted a new article on my site – but it’s because I have VERY exciting news! I’m now a contributing writer for xoVain!! I’m super excited as I absolutely LOVE xoVain and can’t believe I’m being given the opportunity to write for them. It […]


New things coming soon!

Hey guys! So I have some product updates for you soon! Purchased some things I’ve been lusting after and have some primers I’m going to be testing out thanks to Sephora’s amazing VIB program. Here’s some photos to keep you satiated! I also splurged on some Guerlain Lipstick in Garconne 25, so I’m patiently waiting […]


When Perfume Becomes a Love Affair

So I finally got my hands on my favourite perfume. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille. It definitely cost a pretty penny ($110 before tax) but I don’t know how to describe how infatuated I am with it. There are a handful of things I don’t regret spending a decent amount of money on – one […]


10 things I learned from Mad Men

1. Be wary of drunk secretaries on lawn mowers. 2. You can be a man, get fired for being gay and your wife will still only JUST have become slightly suspicious. 3. 50’s lingerie never stopped looking good. 4. If there’s an annoying character you hate to watch, one of the main men will eventually […]


From one ornate flower to another

Now, as you guys know I love tattoos. I also love anything lush, vintage and feminine. In my quest to adorn myself with all of the things I love, I’ve been researching some photos for inspiration as I plan on getting more additions very soon. Like – within the next two weeks soon. Where do I plan on […]


Come get tattooed with me! A step by step guide

So last Friday I met up with a very talented lady and my go to tattoo artist Jenn Liles. A few weeks ago she adorned my right shin with a gorgeous pin up tattoo in the portrait style I love. Two weeks later and I was back for another. The perk of having an artist […]


I’m vegetarian and I’ll wear fur – if it’s vintage

I made a recent purchase that really seemed to bring out quite a few unsolicited opinions. The main theme of each statement can be summarized as such: wearing fur at all is something I shouldn’t be allowed to do as a vegetarian. Before I start sounding like some victimized pearl clutcher – Yes, I understand […]


Down the rabbit hole

First the tension starts to build. He stops sending me cute texts, asking how I am, what I’m up to. Letting me in on his life. We make no plans. I send texts that I miss him, or that he’s been distant in an honest plea for the way things were. This is met with […]

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